Getting Rid of Cockroaches

by Tania Shipman on March 3, 2012

Getting Rid of Cockroaches

 There are many options for getting rid of cockroaches, from the chemical to the natural and along the scale everywhere in between.  Only you can decide what approach is right for you, but we aim to help by bringing you many options for how to get rid of cockroaches.  No doubt if you are here then you are looking for something to do now, starting today, to relieve you of your cockroach infestation, and so we’ll start with some of the best, basic things you can do to start eliminating cockroaches now and making your home a less inviting place for them to be.

 Tips for Getting Rid of Cockroaches

 Cockroaches like human houses because they provide them with warm spaces to live and plenty of food to eat.  While you can’t exactly make your home entirely inhospitable, you can do a lot to minimize its invite so that they will either die off or look for a better place to live that has more of what they need. Approaches for getting rid of cockroaches should focus first and foremost on removing food sources as much as possible and also on removing hiding spaces where they can make their homes.

Limit Available Cockroach Food

Cockroaches eat many things, including paper, cardboard, and common human foods.  They particularly prefer carbohydrate-based foods. The more food that is available the more they will proliferate.  To limit cockroach food sources,

  •  Keep counters and drawers clean of food, crumbs, and food particles.
  • Use strong glass or plastic containers to keep foods in, including dried goods, cereals, pastas, flours, and staple foods.  Make sure plastic is strong and of good quality as roaches can chew through weak and thin plastics. All containers should have tight-fitting lids.
  • Wipe up food and counters after every food preparation, and keep floors swept or vacuumed clean.
  • Sponge-mop hard floors at least once weekly.  Do not let water stand on floors or in sinks or drains or along piping and plumbing, either, as cockroaches need moisture and water sources to survive as well.
  • Paint counters and drawers with washable enamel paint rather than lining them with shelf papers, etc, which provide both food and a place to hide and live.
  • Clean stove tops, etc. regularly as well.
  • Remove pet foods or place them inside a pet bowl inside a pan of soapy water.
  • Keep the entire house clean-swept and vacuumed.
  • Be aware that household products like glue and bar soap, plants, wallpapers and their glues, etc. can all be food sources for cockroaches. Limit uses where appropriate and keep walls in good repair.

Limit Hiding and Living Places

 Getting rid of cockroaches also means making your home a less comfortable place to live.  Cockroaches like warm, moist, dark spaces so look around for these areas, place traps or powders (boric acid or diatomaceous earth is recommended) and remove clutter (including drawers and closets). Seal up cracks and entry points to keep newcomers out and remove your home as an option.

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